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14500 LC Supply



14.5m Supply Barge

LOA: 14.5m
Beam: 5.2m
Engine: 2 x 350 hp straight shaft
Fuel: 1000L
Speed: 10-12 knots loaded
Bulk fuel bunker: 10,000 L
Deck Cargo: 15,000 kg
MAX Loading 15,000 kg (or fuel + 5 ton deck)

A versatile and robust design for moving cargo around the islands. Designed with a large diesel fuel bunker of 10,000 L to supply outer island resorts. Or move 15 ton deck cargo, like shipping containers or earth moving equipment. There is a covered area with removable seating under the Flybridge. This allows the operator to carry longer cargo or 25 passenger. A toilet and fresh water is also included. The helm offers good visibility, a overnight bed, and if required air con. Door width is 3.4m. This is a flat bottom hull with protected shafts and rudders.

14000 LC Supply



14m Supply Barge

LOA: 14m
Beam: 5m
Engine: 2 x 350 hp with Hamilton Jets
Fuel: 1000L
Speed: 10-14 knots loaded dependent
Deck Cargo: 10,000 kg

Designed to move smaller cargo between islands. Door width is 3.4m and suitable for cars, machinery, etc. The open helm is suited for hotter location and for short delivery trips. Clears enclose the flybridge and there is seating for 15 passengers under the hardtop. A toilet and wash basin are also designed into the barge.