Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What guarantee comes with the boat?

A: Structural – Five years

A: Paint – Five Years

A: Fitted Equipment – One Year


Q: Are the boats built to Australian Standards?

A: Yes, the boats are designed in Australia for Australian conditions and built to AS/NZS 1665:2004.


Q: What quality is the Aluminium material used?

A: All plate Material is certified DNV, GL or ABS.


Q: Boat Compliance Plates?

A: All boats are issued with a HIN for identification as well as a Builder’s Plate.


Q: How long does it take to build a boat from scratch?

A: This depends on how many changes, but generally for a 6500 Centre Console around six weeks.


Q: If I buy the boat with a motor what guarantee to get for the motor?

A: The motors are guaranteed by the importer ASTM, if parts are required these will be supplied by ASTM. Labor is not included in the guarantee.


Q: Can I visit the factory during construction?

A: Yes, we welcome your visit.