New Sabrecraft Marine Self Propelled Barge 12.00x5.00 Dumb Barge Work Barge

Price AU $246,000 plus GST if applicable

AU $246,000 plus GST if applicable
Marine Grade 5083-H116 aluminium is ideal for the construction of workboats, patrol boats to some of the world's largest high-speed Military vessels and now Modular Construction Barges

Like steel, aluminium has considerable ductility giving it the ability to withstand permanent deformation without rupture. It has one third the modulus of elasticity of steel and then can absorb the energy of an impact over a greater distance than steel

All customers demand vessels with proven performance to withstand the harsh Marine Environment. Marine Grade 5083-H116 delivers just that. High Strength with Low Weight and excellent corrosion resisting properties, the versatile benefits of aluminium's strength and weldability are well documented

Construction Material - The Sabrecraft MB12000 Modular Barge System is constructed using High-Grade Marine Aluminium Plate 5083-H116. All plate used is sourced from factories with Class Approval to BV, DNV, GL or ABS

Connection Stystem - These barges use the Sabrecraft Bolt Through System for assembly with standard tools and lifting equipment.
As these Modules bolt securely together, they create an extremely stable work platform compared to typical Pin Together Systems on the market

Assembley - Modules are easy to load/unload and assemble on site compared to steel at 3 times the weight. Most of the assembly can be carried out with typical Franna type crane

Transport - For shipping the modules fit into a standard 40FT HC shipping container or can be double stacked to 2.80 meters, within standard trucking gauge and are still within weight limits

Maintenance - Aluminium is very low compared to Steel, no rusting, chipping, blasting and no painting required. Barges are an expensive asset that typically require constant expensive maintenance if constructed from Steel. Barges made from Marine Grade Aluminium require none of the above

Shallow Draft - Aluminium is 3 times lighter than Steel. This weight reduction reduces the vessels draft allowing you to work in far more locations, closer to shore

Propulsion - The use of Outboard Motors keeps the cost down. The engines supplied are 2 x 150hp 4 stroke motor

o Construction Material: 12mm/6mm/8mm Marine Grade 5083 H116 Aluminium
o Length OA: 11.95 meters (nominal)
o Width OA: 4.88 meters (based on 2 modules)
o Height OA: 1.40 meters
o Module size: 11.95 x 2.44 x 1.40 meters
o Deck Load: 3 tonnes per m2
o Bollards: Recessed
o Spud Chutes: NA
o Deck is aluminium plate 12mm
o Colour - no paint
o Warranty: Structural 5 years
o AMSA Approved Plans: Included
o Approval: Survey AMSA - 2C with restrictions
o Vessel inspections: Included during construction - Sabrecraft
o Stability Report: Included
o Not Included: - Zinc Anodes
o 2 x 150hp Mercury Seapro
o 2 x Batteries with Isolator switch
o 2 x Engine Pods
o 1 x SS Tie Bar
o 1 x Heavy Duty Hydraulic Steering
o 1 x Fuel Tank 200lt
o 1 x Console
o 1 x Set Navigation Light Assembly
Hollywell QLD
39' 4" - 12.00m
Hull Material
Aluminium Marine Grade 5083-H116

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