New Sabrecraft Hospital Cat 60.00 x 22.00 meter

Price US $29,480,000 Available to order

US $29,480,000 Available to order
These Hospital Cats are all fully self-contained with live on-board accommodation for the medical staff as well as the crew

Vessels come with standard fit out as below and can be fitted with state of the art medical equipment (at additional cost)

These vessels are both modern in the Naval design as well as being a fully functional Hospital on the water

The 60-meter vessel has been designed for coastal use as well as being able to travel up rivers to isolated communities

Construction time for this vessel is approximately 9 months

As a fully functional modern Mobile Hospital
Disaster relief such as Flooding and Earthquakes
As a training centre, working together with local land-based Hospitals
Assisting the Navy as Military Vessels
Assisting search and rescues operations on or near the water

Standard 60-meter Hospital Cat Fit-out
Operating Theatre x 4
Scrub Rooms x 2
Sterilization Room x 1
X-Ray Department x 1
Laboratory x 1
Dental Clinic x 1
Gynaecology x1
Ophthalmology x 1
Phlebotomy Station
General Medicine x 4
Pre-op and Post-op 4 + 4
Overnight Ward x 8 patients
ICU x 6
Patient Waiting Room
Medical + Crew Dining Area
Medical + Crew Galley
Administration Office
Helipad (Helicopter is additional)
Elevator Twin

Vessel Particulars
LOA: 60.00 meters
WOA: 22.00 meters
Height: 18.60 meters
Draft: 2.60 meters
Patient Beds: 80 (wards)
Medical Staff Accommodation: 42 Berths
Ship's Crew Accommodation: 24 Berths
Vessels Levels
Below Deck: Engine room, Tank room and Ships crew accommodation
Main Deck: Patient Waiting Room, X-Ray Department, Laboratory, Dental Clinic, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, General Medicine, Overnight Ward, Pharmacy, Phlebotomy Station, ICU stations
1st Level: Patient ward
2nd Level: Operating theatres, Overnight beds, Equipment storage, PPE storage
3rd Level: Medical staff accommodation, Galley + Dining area, Medical staff accommodation
Top Deck: Bridge, Ventilation system, Helipad
Constructed in Malaysia
196' 10" - 60.00m
Hull Material
Aluminium Marine Grade 5083 H116

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