New Sabrecraft Marine Road Transportable Deck Barge Construction Dumb Barge Steel

Price AU $135,000 Plus GST if applicable

AU $135,000 Plus GST if applicable
This is a heavy duty Steel sectional deck barge that can be transported by road

A simple pin system for connection allows this to be assembled quickly on site

Price shown is for 1 x section measuring 12.00 x 3.00 x 1.20 meters

Spud Jackets and 2 x 12.00 spuds are available, se below for pricing

SPECIFICATIONS - Steel Construction Barge - Truckable
Survey: AMSA 2D
LOA: 12.00 meters
WOA: 3.10 meters
Moulded Height: 1.20 meters
Material: MS Plate Grade 250
Deck Plate: 8mm
Side Plate: 6mm
Bottom Plate: 6mm
Swim End: Included
Paint: Included
Lifting Points: 4
Weight per section 3 x 12 x 1.2: 16,000kg (estimate)

Safety Fence: $8,000 + GST
Bollards x 4 pieces: $2,000 + GST
Boarding ladders x 2 pieces: $800 +GST
Spuds Pipe (Steel) x 2 @ 12.00 meters OD323.90mm/ WT12.70mm: $8,600
Spud chute x 2: $17,800
Spud cradles x 2: $6,500

Specifications Rubber Strip 20mm
Length: 2.00 meters
Width: 800mm
Thickness: 20mm
EP200 Layers: 6
Quantity: 12 pieces
Strength: 24mpa
Price: $5,630 + GST

1. Price shown is ex yard Brisbane
2. Survey AMSA DCV with approved plans and built to plan inspections done at our cost
3. Construction allow 2 months from confirmation of order
4. Payment Terms
60% Due on order
20% Due on arrival of plate material to factory
10% Due on practical completion of hot works
10% Due prior to dispatch from factory

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Hollywell QLD
39' 4" - 12.00m
Hull Material

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