New Sabrecraft Marine Ambulance Rescue Catamaran 11.00 x 3.50 Meter

Price US $840,000 Plus GST if applicable

US $840,000 Plus GST if applicable
Description 11.00 x 3.50 Meter

This is a heavy-duty vessel manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminium 5083-H116, specifically designed for Ambulance and Rescue work in shallow waterways if necessary

The hull design is a Twin Hull Catamaran. An important aspect of the catamaran hull is that as well as the superior seagoing capabilities, it has an amazing low draught to enable access in shallow waters of only 450mm

Internally the vessel is fully equipped with two gurneys stations for patients, seating for five staff and the helm seat for the driver. The internal fit out equipment is listed below. Cabinets are all manufactured from hospital grade stainless steel

Externally the vessel is finished with durable 2 Pac Polyurethane paint membrane. This finish has inbuilt UV stabilizers for a service live for a minimum of ten years
Navigation lights, search light, flood light, flashing emergency light, horn, wind screen wipers are all of the highest quality

Propulsion is with twin 300HP, outboard motors enabling a lightship speed of 28 knots

Construction of these vessels is to order

o Constructio n Material: Marine Grade Aluminium
o LOA: 11.00 meters
o WOA: 3.50 meters
o Draft: 450mm
o Propulsion: 2 x 300hp OBM
o Fuel Capacity: 2 x 300lt
o Toilet: Yes
o Navigation Lights: Yes
o Search Light: Yes
o Emergency Light Bar: Yes
o Horn: Yes
o Radio 2-way HF: Yes
o Sounder/Chart Plotter: Yes

Equipment List - Medical
o 2 x Electrical suction machine
o 1 x First aid kit for 10 people
o 2 x sets Medical infusion kit
o 2 x Standard Ambulance Gurney with straps
o 2 x Wheelchair
o 2 x sets of 2 oxygen bottles, with supports, detector, flowmeter, humidifier and tubing
o 4 x Ceiling hooks for infusion bottles.
o 2 x Vital signs monitor with NIBP, HR, SpO et ECG, 3 leads, with rechargeable battery
o 1 x Defibrillator, with rechargeable battery
o 2 x sets Double Stethoscopes
o 1 x Laryngoscopes with 5 blades
o 2 x sets Fingertip Pulse Oxymeter with batteries
o 2 x sets Cervical collar
o 2 x sets Guedel oral airway no 1-5
o 2 x sets Magill forceps 25cm
o 2 x sets Ambu bag (adult) with 3 masks
o 2 x sets Ambu bag (pediatrics) with 3 masks
o 2 x sets Inflatable splints (4 upper limbs and 4 lower limbs)
o 2 x sets Survival blankets
o 2 x sets Scissors
Hollywell QLD
36' 1" - 11.00m
Hull Material

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