New Sabrecraft Marine Patrol AirRide Xpress 8000 PBL Patrol Boat Light

Price US $660,000 Available to order

US $660,000 Available to order
The Patrol Boat, Light or PBL, can trace its lineage back to the "Skimmer" of the Vietnam Era. The Skimmer was generally a 13-15ft Boston Whaler, powered by a single outboard with an armed crew but no mounted weapons
The Seal Team Assault Boat or STAB contributed to the beginnings of the PBL as well, with its mounted weapons and twin outboards
The modern Special Operations Craft-Riverine (SOC-R) now in use, is the direct result of the successful PBL program
These days the PBL has come a long way, Sabrecraft Marine has designed this PBL with high speed and protection as paramount. Four Pintle mounted machines guns offer superior fire power with high powered a Diesel engine with Jet propulsion
These can be configured to suit, patrol, surveillance and high-speed insertions
New South Wales
Tweed Heads West NSW
26' 3" - 8.00m
Hull Material
Aluminium Marine Grade

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