New Sabrecraft Marine Patrol AirRide Xpress 25000 Gun Boat

Price US $5,600,000 Base price

US $5,600,000 Base price
SABRE 25 AirRide Express
Construction: Aluminium Marine Grade 5083-H116
LOA: 25.00 meters
WOA: 8.50 meters
Draught: 1.10 meter
Speed Sprint: 50 knots + (lightship)
Speed Service: 24 knots
Sleeping: 10 bunks
Personal: 18 maximum
Engines: 4 x 1610 hp high speed CAT C32 ACERT
Propulsion: 4 x Castoldi TD 490 H. C. T. Jet Drives
Range: 900nm @ 24 knots
Surveillance Drone: Schiebel Camcopter S100 (option)
Boarding Vessel: 2 x 6.20 SABRE RHIB seating 6 + 1 - Speed 40Knots

The vessel can be used as a
o High Speed Pursuit Vessel
o Standalone Littoral Vessel
o Long range Surveillance Patrol Vessel
o Security Border Patrol Vessel
o Support vessel to work alongside other larger Vessels

Pursuit - Speed is first and foremost with this vessel, with a sprint speed of more than 50 knots + operating on all 4 engines. With a staggering 6,400BHP, the SABRE AirRide Express can chase anything down quickly
Patrol - Utilising just 2 engines the vessel can have an extended range for patrol duties at 12 knots
Boarding or Tracking Operations - Are complimented with 2 x SABRE 6.20 RHIBS that carry six personal and a driver
Surveillance - The SABRE AirRide Express comes standard with Drone Aerial Surveillance capability. The SABRE 25 AirRide Express being able to accept most Copter Drones in the market today

SABRE AirRide Hull
The vessel has been designed to incorporate the latest technology available with the Sabre Tri-Hull Design, offering exceptional speed with comfort
o SABRE AirRide Hulls auto realign in Following Seas
o Air and water is channelled into the full-length side tunnels giving a Softer Ride equating to a Lower Crew & Passenger Fatigue Rate
o Advanced Stability underway with the outer hulls acting as Outriggers
o More controlled inclined turns
o Superior Sea handling in all Sea States
o High Stability at rest
Paradise Point
82' 0" - 25.00m
Hull Material
Aluminium Marine Grade

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